(Reading time: 2 - 3 minutes)

This is a live demonstration of a module that displays a number (in the range 0-100) as a donut chart.

This demonstration requires the Donut Score module to be installed (and, in this particular case, five instances of it). The first instance appears above as a centred image with the dimensions 200px x 200px. Each instance of Donut Score simply requires specifying the options that will be used to control the size, colour and positioning of the output. The screenshot below shows the module settings used in the above example:

Donut Score module settings

Additionally, the module also provides for a "traffic light" display as shown in the following instances:

where n < 30

where 30 ≥ n < 60

where 60 ≥ n < 90

where n ≥ 90 (uses the  user-defined colour ).