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Donut Score is a moduleThis extension uses some concepts and techniques developed by HighCharts.com. to visualise numerical data (e.g. percentage results) with a simple Javascript-driven donut chart. Install the module, create an instance (or multiple instances of it), assign it to a module position and a menu page (or pages) and see the results.

The simplest way to describe what this module does and how to configure its settings is to view a live demonstration.  The module settings are listed in this article.

Module settings


Module tab

<div> container name The name of the container <DIV>
Value The number to be displayed in the range 0-100; the number will appear as text in the middle of the donut
Show % (Yes | No) Choose if you want the Value shown with or without a percentage sign.
y offset The vertical distance (in px) to display the Value; change this setting to adjust the value up or down depending on the height of the container <DIV>.
Font size The font size of Value (in pt).
Display colour Choose a colour for the display of the text and donut.
Use “traffic light” scheme (Yes | No) If Yes the colour is automatically based on the value
  • 0-30: red
  • 30-60: orange
  • 60-90: green
  • 90-100: use the colour defined in the setting Display colour.
If No Display colour  will be used.
<div> width The width and height of the container (in px). Do not use a value less than 75.
Custom style for <div> Use CSS to change as needed. For example, to centre the <div> on the page, use
  • margin: 0 auto;

Advanced tab

Do not use jQuery v2.2.4 library (Yes | No) Select Yes to cancel loading of jQuery v2.2.4 library.  Use with discretion:  the chart function will not work with Joomla's standard built-in jQuery library; loading the jQuery v2.2.4 library may, however, result in other Javascript funtions not working on your Joomla pages.
Hide module title (Yes | No) Regardless of other settings, this option hides the module title.

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