JAdmin Favicon

Updated: 28 February 2019

JAdmin Favicon allows the use of a custom (.ico) image to be used on the backend/administration area of a Joomla website.

Plugin settings


Filename (.ico) (- None Selected - | filenames ) The pull-down contains a list of files that the user may have uploaded to the /images folder.  If the default value of "None selected" is used then the normal Joomla image (stored in ../administrator/templates/<template-name>/favicon.ico) will be used instead.  Only files with the filetype .ico are available for selection.


This article assumes that the reader is familiar with favicons (also known as shortcut icons). The standard favicon image for the Joomla backend is Joomla favicon.ico.  The normal way to replace this image is to replace the file ../administrator/templates/<template-name>/favicon.ico.  Whenever the Joomla version is updated, however, this file is replaced with the standard Joomla favicon file.

This plugin allows the adminstrator of a website to use a custom favicon image (for example, custom favicon) by uploading a file named <filename>.ico to the website’s /images folder.  Uploading of favicon images is normally done with FTP and not with the Media Manager component unless you change the Media Manager options.