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Cleaner for Kunena is a plugin for the Kunena component that removes the “Powered by Kunena” backlink/text appearing at the foot of Kunena forum pages.  Additionally, the plugin disables the ability to view the forum credits page by using the direct URL.  More information about the purpose of the plugin can be found in the blog article “The last word about Kunena”.


  • When the plugin is enabled (and the credits are disabled), attempts to view the credits page will result in a “404 (page not found)” error.
  • Backlinks are completely removed:  search engine crawlers will not discover links from your site to the Kunena website!
  • Improves site security by removing evidence of what forum software you are using at your website.
Plugin settings


Display Credits (Yes | No) Display Kunena credits links at the foot of every page on the forum.  The value of Yes has the same effect as to disable the plugin.

Remember that Cleaner for Kunena is a plugin for the Kunena component and requires this component to be installed.  The plugin has been tested and works with all versions of Kunena 3.0.x, 4.0.x, 5.0.x, 5.1.x, and K 5.2.x.

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