Kunena 3.0.7: what the developers didn’t tell you

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Kunena 3.0.7 is “an­nounced”

K 3.0.7 instal­lation prob­lems (part 1)

K 3.0.7 instal­lation prob­lems (part 2)

K 3.0.7 known bugs

Kunena project personnel changes

What’s next for Kunena?

After waiting more than 6 months for news about a possible release of K 3.0.7, an announce­ment was made on 1 February at the Kunena website.  It is not suprising that this announcement did not generate a scramble to download this latest version because people would have to be regular visitors at the Kunena website to have been aware of it.  If you follow the project on Facebook, there was no announcement made there.  If you follow the project on Google+ there is no announcement about K 3.0.7 there, either.  If you use Twitter to find out the latest news about Kunena, the developers did not make any announcement about K 3.0.7 there, as well.  In fact, the first “tweet” about K 3.0.7 was made by someone who is not even a member of the Kunena team and it appeared nearly three weeks after K 3.0.7 was released.

This raises some concerns about how the Kunena team is looking after their own interests in keeping the community informed about what is going on.  If it wasn’t for independent websites, like this one and others, people probably would not know what is going on.


Installing a Kunena template

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What is a Kunena template (compared to a Joomla template)?

How to install a new Kunena template

This article explains the difference between a Joomla site template and a Kunena component template.

When you install Kunena for the first time it comes with a built-in template called Blue Eagle[1]. Blue Eagle is not a Joomla site template; it is a template designed for Kunena. The files in Blue Eagle are updated and replaced automatically when you upgrade from one version of Kunena to a later version.

Many people want to customise Kunena to better suit their Joomla site; however, if they change the original source code in Blue Eagle those changes are lost when they upgrade to a newer version of Kunena. There are several ways that you can customise the way that Kunena looks on your website. These involve adding your own CSS rules to your Joomla site template or use a custom Kunena template so that, when new releases of Kunena become available, you can upgrade without losing your custom changes.

Based on my own experience using Kunena over many years, this article discusses some of these custom template issues.


I have the same problem …

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Learn to be resourceful instead of relying on someone else to do all your work for you!

It is more likely that your problems are not the same as someone else’s

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve read the phrase in a support forum, “I have the same problem …”, I would be rich beyond my wildest dreams!


Automatic subscriptions

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Is it feas­ible?

Design is­sues

Is it viable?

What are the risks?

Developers’ plans for “automatic sub­scrip­tions”

Automatic subscriptions—the ability to enforce a website owner’s policy that all members of the site “automatically” receive email notifications whenever there is some new forum activity (a new topic created or replies made to existing topics)—is a subject that has been discussed going back as far as I can remember. People have asked for the Kunena project team to deliver features that allow them to “autosubscribe” members of their forums to categories and topics without their members having to do anything except to join their websites. This is a subject that has as many different views about how to implement a solution as well as different opinions about whether such methods are ethical, “legitimate”, workable, worthy or legal in terms of the protection of an individual’s right to privacy or an individual’s right to choose.

The different views and opinions expressed by the wider Kunena community exist within the Kunena project team, too. In short, there is no simple answer to this very complex issue.

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