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Kunena’s “spam factory”

Although I’ve been fairly quiet with this site for a few months, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been busy.  This article covers a few items that you may find interesting.

As we head into 2019, many of us are gearing up for Joomla 4 which is currently in late alpha testing.  Apart from major makeovers in terms of look-and-feel, the biggest difference is that Joomla 4 will be the first version to exclusively use PHP 7.  This will mean that people currently relying on PHP 5.6PHP 5.6 is approaching its end of life and what to do about it who anticipate moving to J! 4 will need to equip themselves with PHP 7.  This will also bring with it problems for website owners who may still be running much older versions of Joomla (e.g. J! 1.5 or J! 2.5) especially if they do not have the ability to run different versions of PHP on their webhosting platforms so that their differently-versioned J! websites will continue to operate.

In preparing ourselves for the eventual release of Joomla 4—some time in 2019—the Joomla development team has been tidying up Joomla's source code with the release of J! 3.9 in October this year.


Returning to Joomla 10 years later

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“They don’t make things like that anymore.”

I was intrigued when I read a question on the Joomla forum today that read, in part:

For those who go back with Joomla a decade ago, are old Joomla extensions—modules, components, plugins or even templates—still compatible with the current version?  I know already, from trial and error, I haven’t seen any templates that are which is a shame—I have a lot of them I paid for from various developers.  The same goes for many premium extensions I have, so I was curious if it is an issue where it just depends on the extension or if it is a flat out “no”, none of these is compatible with today’s Joomla?a forum user, Joomla Forum, 17-Aug-2018

This article discusses some of these questions.


Choosing the right forum product

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Who uses forums on their websites (and why)?

How to choose the “right” forum product

Could someone tell me if there exists an updated comparison table between Kunena and phpBB?a forum user, Joomla Forum, 8-Apr-2018

It is impossible, whatever views we may have about Kunena or phpBB or any other forum product, to say anything about them without a broad understanding of the issues this topic may cover; it is also impossible to do justice to these matters in a few words. There are, however, three points that we can make:

  1. I am unaware of any comparison “table” that exists comparing the differences between Kunena and phpBB.  If such a table exists we should be grateful if someone could point us to it.  Further, because I am unaware of an existing “table”, I don’t know how anyone can comment on whether such information has been updated.
  2. There is an abundance of literature on the internet, not to mention user reviews in the JED, that speak about people’s experiences with different forum products available for Joomla.  As readers of my blog would know, I have written thousands of words about various Joomla forum products (including personal observations and experiences I have with them).
  3. Irrespective of whatever forum product people may choose—they may choose one over another because of ease-of-integration, reliability, robustness, durability, level of support, ease-of-use, documentation, security, etc.—an internet discussion forum is used to grow a website’s content without the site owner having to do all the hard work themselves.  Some products are evidently better than other products when compared from an operational and administration perspective.  Whatever reasons people choose to use a forum product, the final decision rests with the site owner and the purpose(s) for which the forum is required on that website.

Joomla! books reviewed

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A list of useful books on Joomla!

When I first became interested in Joomla I knew very little about it.  Until that time I had created intranet websites “by hand” using nothing more than a text editor, a web browser and an understanding of Microsoft IIS.  Therefore, when someone suggested that I look into GUI-driven website creation (based on Apache, PHP and MySQL) I had no idea how out-of-touch I had been.  That was over 10 years ago and today, even though I don't buy new books on Joomla, it’s been one of my unfulfilled intentions to share the names of a few books that I've purchased on the subject.  I suspect that most people reading this list will probably find that some of the books are outdated (and there are probably better other titles on the market).

This article is a “bookend” to my earlier article on books about webcraft in general.

This article contains a list of books about the Joomla! content management system:  the list includes user guides as well as some more specialised aspects about building extensions for Joomla.  The following books are from my personal library—sorted alphabetically by title by publisher—together with a few notes about each of them.

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