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Kunena 4.0.10: differences between Blue Eagle and Crypsis

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Quick reference

Kunena 4.0 is a Joomla 2.5/3.x component that ships with with two different template “styles” technically called MVC and HMVC[1]; these are informally referred to as Blue Eagle and Crypsis respectively.  All currently available third-party templates are based on the “MVC style”. The “MVC style” style is deprecated—meaning that the developers would have preferred to have removed entirely but it was mainly allowed to remain for people who use J! 2.5. The developers will remove support for all MVC templates from the next major version of Kunena [K 5.0].

Aside from the obvious differences in appearance, there are structural differences in the use and administraton of the product depending on the choice of template used with Kunena.  As far as I know, no-one has attempted to list the important differences between the MVC and HMVC forms of Kunena. This article is a first attempt to list the major structural differences between Blue Eagle and Crypsis. The table below is incomplete and it may contain errors.  If you find mistakes or important omissions to the list please let me know by using the comments form at the end of the article.

Quick reference

 Blue EagleCrypsis
PHP 7  [2]  
Configuration settings control CAPTCHA  [3]  
Joomla - reCATPCHA plugin settings control CAPTCHA    
Configuration settings control category icons  [4]  
Template settings control category icons    [5]
Recent Topics view displays category names    
Flat, indented or threaded views of topic    
Configuration settings control “teaser feature
Hide Replies for Guests
Template settings control topic icons    [6]
Template settings control avatar “border style”
(i.e. square, rounded square or “circular” images)
Buttons for topic Reply, Subscribe, Favorite displayed    [8]
Buttons for topic Delete, Moderate, Lock, Sticky displayed    [9]
Buttons for post Reply, Quote, Edit displayed    [10]
Buttons for post Delete, Moderate displayed    [11]
Drag and drop images as attachments    
Configuration settings control avatar resizing    
Category manager controls “category channels”    
Category manager controls hiding/displaying sub-categories    
Configuration settings control subject length    
Template settings control subject length    
Configuration settings control BBcode options    
Configuration settings allow “karma” feature    
Template settings control BBcode options    
Meets minimum accessibility standards (i.e. “tooltips”)    

K 4.0.10 still presents a number of challenges—especially in adapting Crypsis to one’s Joomla template—and would prove challenging to the complete novice.


[1]  Kunena uses a propriety HMVC design developed by Matias Griese (one of the founding members of the Kunena Project) who has now left the project.  K 4.0 was intended as an experiment to demonstrate how HMVC could be used with Joomla but the idea did not gain endorsement from the Joomla CMS team.  Kunena is the only Joomla extension to use this particular form of HMVC.  Some other Joomla extensions have approached this issue differently—perhaps the best-known example of which is Akeeba Backup.

[2]  Blue Eagle will not work with PHP 7.0.6; it may, however, work with versions of PHP 7 before PHP 7.0.6. The Kunena developers have stated that K 4.0 Crypsis will not work with any version of PHP 7.

[3]  Google reCAPTCHA v1.0 only is supported.

[4]  For more information see Custom category icons for Kunena.

[5]  For more information see Category icons in Kunena 4.

[6]  For more information see Add New Topic Icons.

[7]  The same effect can be generated with CSS to apply a border-radius attribute to avatar images.

[8]  These buttons are hidden under topic “actions” and require clicking a “pull-down” to display them.

[9]  These buttons are hidden under topic “moderation”.

[10]  These buttons are hidden under post “actions”.

[11]  These buttons are hidden under post “moderation”.

About the author:

is a Joomla professional and former member of the Kunena project for more than 8 years—a substantial contributor to the original Kunena documentation project with over twenty thousand messages posted at the Kunena forum. The opinions expressed in this article are entirely those of the author. View his profile here.

# Hebert C 21-Jun-2016 06:52
Hi buddy i see your profile on kunena forum and i have a few questions about override the template of kunena for joomla if you can help me please add me and let me know....Good day
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# sozzled 21-Jun-2016 08:14
If you have questions—specific questions—about adapting Kunena to your website and you would like my professional assistance, it would be a pleasure. My forum is always open.
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